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Chairman’s Message


H.E. Ali Shaereef Al

Community service is a fundamental component of QNB Group’s logo, reflecting our commitment and responsibility towards Qatar’s society and the other communities in which we operate. Therefore, social responsibility concepts and principles are considered an integral part of Group’s strategy to expand its banking services and activities in different regions of the world. Being the largest financial institution in Qatar imposes on us more duty towards the community. We are fully aware of this responsibility and are firmly committed towards responding effectively to the needs of Qatar’s society.
Moreover, QNB Group’s rise to be the leading financial institution in the Middle East and North Africa confirms the Group’s success in achieving its long-term strategic objectives including the effective participation in the service of the communities in which we operate. For the Group, this necessitates additional responsibilities and we are confident of our abilities to bear such duties and expand our participation in various activities towards the goal of supporting the communities in which we operate.
The Group has succeeded in consolidating the concepts and principles of social responsibility with the Group’s culture, making it part of daily activities. This is in harmony with the policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors five years ago in support of activities in six main areas: culture and arts; economic and international affairs; health and the environment; social and humanitarian affairs; sports and education and youth.
The success of QNB Group is reflected in the effective participation in various social activities within these six areas, both within and outside Qatar. Moreover, the Group’s plans for future expansion include plans to increase participation in various areas of community development in line with the continued growth of QNB Group.

H.E. Ali Shareef Al-Emadi

CSR and Staff  Engagement Policies

QNB Group Corporate Social Responsibility

(CSR) Policy Statement
QNB Group has established standards and guidelines to guide its corporate social responsibility activities. These include utilising sponsorship opportunities, event participation, financial and in-kind donations, and partnerships with recognised charities.

The Bank is committed to allocating a designated percentage of its annual net profits to providing general support through these channels within six broad realms:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic and International Affairs
  • Health and Environment
  • Social and Humanitarian
  • Sport
  • Youth and Education

CSR Staff Engagement Policy
As part of their job responsibilities, all QNB Group employees are encouraged to voluntarily participate in the Bank’s ongoing CSR activities. Many QNB employees, of their own accord, choose to support the Bank’s CSR activities either by contributing time or expertise to worthy causes in which the Bank has a presence or by giving generously in-kind support or financial contributions to fundraising activities conducted by officially-sanctioned charities.

Inspiring staff to respond to the call for action
QNB Group employees are active members of the local community. We have among us many volunteers, leaders and dedicated individuals who use their skills and talents to improve the community at large.

The Bank is proud of its team and it encourages all employees to devote a measure of their time and talent to support worthy community causes. During the past decade, these events have included participating in annual keep-clean rallies, assisting in numerous international events and fundraisers, helping young people to learn a new skill at a local community centre, and using their leadership skills to coach a children’s sport team and providing a warm meal to those less fortunate.




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