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“Money Made Easy” Book on financial education for children.


The “Money Made Easy” Book is available to children of all abilities and discusses and highlights money matters relevant in many aspects of every-day life. This is done by a series of illustrations and case studies and uses simple but easily understood language. Split into a number of educational chapters, including the history of money, handling budgets, the role of banks and fiscal policy, the “Money Made Easy” Book is available in two versions, Arabic and English. A highlight of the Book is a “Play and Discover” section where children are asked to interact and engage in a series of entertaining puzzles and challenges.



The “Money Made Easy” Book has been distributed to 40 independent schools and 16 major private schools across Qatar and  will continue to roll out distribution to reach as many children and educational establishments as possible. This Book will hopefully have a significant impact on our younger generation’s ability to manage their personal finances wisely and responsibly


“Money Made Easy Book App” is being produced to promote an interactive and entertaining approach to this important financial education subject. It will hopefully be available to download on iTunes in November and will include animated parts of the book and some games. The app will be bilingual and available in Arabic and English.


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