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Is it time for gold to shine again as a core asset for diversification?

Gold’s role in the economic and investment landscape has long been a subject of considerable debate. Historically, gold has served...

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Are capital flows ready to return to EM in earnest?

Over the last two years, emerging markets (EM) suffered from significant volatility in capital flows. This was driven by monetary...

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Bank of Japan is set to delay policy rate normalisation

The Covid-pandemic resulted in long-lasting macroeconomic repercussions that are felt to this day. As confinement measures restricted production activity and...

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Potential growth in emerging markets faces significant headwinds

Emerging markets (EM) have been a driver of global economic growth for many years. EM, defined as the group of...

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Global trade stabilized but no boom in sight for H1 2024

Global trade is widely considered a crucial metric for evaluating economic activity. In fact, few indicators can match the insights...

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